A village in Chattisgarh has no electricity post 71 years of Independence

The locals of Trishuli village in the Balrampur area of Chattisgarh are forced to live in the darkness even after seven decades of Independence and also despite having electricity polls in the region.

“Since the time I was born I have not seen electricity in this village. Leaders come here at the time of elections. They are not willing to do anything for the development here,” said a 70-year-old local.

Narrating her ordeal Sukbi, a local said, “Without electricity, at night they feel threatened by the scorpions, snakes and other insects.”

Children in the village are forced to study in the light of lanterns. “Kids are forced to study in the light of lanterns. For that also, they face the issue as there is not enough supply of kerosene in the region. They then burn woods for the light,” said Rameshwar Pal.

The locals had also complained of acute water shortage in the region. They are forced to use water from a nearby pond which is also the source of drinking water for animals of the region and is highly prone to contamination.

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