‘Balsabha’ held by children and MLAs at Vidhan Sabha

Today on the occasion of Children’s Day, a Balsabha was organized with 70 elected children who got an opportunity to interact with speakers and respective MLAs of their region.

As a part of the initiative by PRATYeK, several children are elected across Delhi’s constituencies and are known as Delhi Inclusive Children’s Parliament.

A wide variety of topics were discussed in the interaction today which involved recommendations regarding budgeting involving sports, industrial work, wage workers, etc. Apart from putting out some vital points across the table, they also had some suggestions regarding water harvesting, sanitation, opinions on different localities, unauthorized colony and more which marked significance at the table of discussion.

Apart from the fruitful discussion, the children were also guided towards the functioning of the Vidhan Sabha. They also visited the place where laws and policies are reformed.

The children’s representatives contributed with immense zeal and enthusiasm towards the point of discussion, suggestions resulting in a productive interaction.

Raj, one of the representatives requested “strict implementation on single-use of plastic/polythene, and affordable alternative of plastic should be innovated”.

While Sameer recommended that “the budget for health provided by the government, should be increased and it should be enough for all the people in need, including people below the poverty line.”

Another child also recommended education on mensuration for each and every child.

MLAs too extended the request of increasing the mid-day meal to the students of 12th standard and not just till 8th standard. Children representatives shared their success stories in acting, on stopping child marriage, as well as helping their nearby community in water harvesting.

The event was coordinated by NINEISMINE an advocacy initiative of, for and by children across India who follow the path of the UN Sustainable development goals.

In the end, the speaker, MLAs, and the children representatives took the pledge to take over the roles and responsibilities hereafter in better functioning of the state. They encouraged the children to keep up the spirit and zest of moving forward and holding up to their responsibilities.

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