Carlos Ghosn former chief of Nissan granted bail

A Tokyo court on Thursday granted bail to former Nissan Chief Carlos Ghosn for the second time since his arrest last year on financial misconduct charges.

His bail has been set at USD 4.5 million, reported The Japan Times.

Ghosn was arrested on April 4 for the fourth time over allegations of misusing the company’s funds for personal purposes. Prosecutors alleged that Ghosn had transferred some of Nissan’s funds to his personal bank account, causing the automaker a loss of USD five million.

The former Nissan chief was earlier released on bail on April 5 following 108 consecutive days in detention, during which he was indicted on charges of an aggravated bench of trust and underreporting his remunerations for Nissan Motors.

Ghosn has also been removed from the board of directors of the company, along with partners Renault SA and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, during the prolonged detention initiated by his initial arrest in November.

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