Delhi HC dismisses petition seeking stay on the release of ‘Bharat’

The Division Bench of Justices JR Midha and Chandershekar observed that the petitioner filed the PIL without watching the movie and that his opinion is based only on the three-minute trailer.

On Monday, the Delhi HC dismissed a plea seeking a stay on the release of Salman Khan’s upcoming movie ‘Bharat’. The court did not find any value in the arguments of the petitioner.

Last week a PIL was filed by Vikas Tyagi regarding a stay on the release of the movie. His petition claimed that the movie ‘Bharat’ is “distorting the cultural and political image of our great country”

The Division Bench of Justice JR Midha and Chandrashekhar observed that the petitioner filed the PIL on the basis of a three-minute trailer and formed his opinion.

The petitioner Vikas Tyagi had contended that the title of the film is in violation of Section 3 of Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act. In accordance with this, the word ‘Bharat’ cannot be used for commercial purposes.

He also sought alteration in one of the dialogues of the film in which the character is compared to our nation claiming this hurts the sentiments of the citizens.

“This film is fraught with Salman’s typical flippancy and vulgarity. Being a ‘Bharatiya’, I feel it is not appropriate to name such film or any character associated with this film after our great nation,” Tyagi said.

The movie, which also stars Katrina Kaif, is slated for a release on June 5.

The movie also casts Katrina Kaif and will be releasing on 5th of June.

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