Gaurav Gogoi requests Shah to take account of Sanaullah case

Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi has written a letter to Union Home Minister Amit Shah seeking his intervention in the matter of retired Army officer Mohammad Sanaullah.

“Sanaullah was in service during the Kargil War. In 2014, he was given a medal by President of India. But now he has been kept at a detention camp. Injustice has been done to him. I request Amit Shah to take cognizance of this matter and help provide justice to the Sanaullah and his family,” Gogoi said.

He added, “If more such reports will come out, then people will lose trust in the NRC. Will Sanaullah give 30 years of his life to the Army if he is an outsider?”

Sanaullah’s family has alleged that he has fallen into a trap of ‘conspiracy’, and moved the Gauhati High Court after he was sent to a detention centre for illegal migrants.

His advocate Aman Wadue claimed that the case against the retired Army officer is “fabricated” as he was on a counter-insurgency operation in Manipur at the time police said to have taken his statement in Assam.

Mohammad Sanaullah, 52, who retired as an honorary Lieutenant in the Army, was arrested soon after he was summoned by the Assam Police Border Organisation, or the Border Police, in Guwahati on May 28.

The arrest followed the order of a Foreigners’ Tribunal that adjudged him a non-citizen.

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