Guajarat BJP chief barred from campaigning for 72 hours for violation of the MCC

The president of the Gujarat BJP, Jitubhai Vaghani has been barred from campaigning by the Election Commission of India for 72 hours with respect to the violations of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC).

Vaghani violated the MCC at Amroli in Surat on April 7 and hence, has been barred from campaigning. The ban will initiate from 4 pm on May 2.

The MCC which came into effect on March 10, when the EC announced the schedule of the 7 phases of the Lok Sabha polls.

SP leader Azam Khan has also been banned by the EC from campaigning for 48 hours starting from 6 am on Wednesday for the violation of the MCC with his “highly provocative” speeches through which he “appealed to secure votes on religious grounds”.

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