I am not answerable to Yediyurappa: Kumaraswamy

On Monday, HD Kumaraswamy said he is not answerable to BS Yediyurappa as the people of the state know how smoothly he had run the government.

“I ran the government for 14 months. I have no obligation to answer your (BS Yediyurappa) questions. I need to answer to my conscience. From the past 14 months, everything was being recorded. People know what work I have done,” Kumaraswamy said.

He further continued, “We will not try to bring down your numbers from 105 to either 100 or lower. You speak of drought, at least now let’s see how you will work. We will cooperate with you for the sake of people”.

“You(BJP) have left the dissenting and rebel MLAs on roads. Since last week I have been seeing all the developments. Speaker’s decision sends a strong message. He didn’t act in a hurry. He looked into the matter very carefully and looked into each case,” he added.

Yediyurappa was attacked by Siddaramiah. “We hope you will be the chief minister but there is no guarantee of that. You are with the rebels, can you give a stable government? It’s impossible! I oppose this confidence motion because the reason is this government is unconstitutional and immoral,” Siddaramaiah had said.

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