‘If Indira can be lauded for the ’71 war, why can’t Modi be praised for Balakot airstrikes”

Union Home Minister Rajnath launching an attack on Congress asked if former PM Indira Gandhi can be a praised for “splitting Pakistan in 1971”, why can’t incumbent PM Narendra Modi be praised for Balakot air strikes.

“Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was hailed for splitting Pakistan in 1971. Atal Bihari Vajpayee praised her in the Parliament for her work. I want to ask Congress if Indira Ji was hailed for splitting Pakistan in 1971 to create Bangladesh, why can’t Narendra Modi be praised for the Balakot air strikes,” Singh asked.

Singh also claimed that the Balakot airstrike resulted in killing a “high” number of terrorists and hence the exact figure was unable to be traced.

“…I would like to say we carried out the air strikes on the basis of credible intelligence inputs, and I can say that in world history, no one has conducted such a big operation against terrorism,” Singh said while addressing a gathering in Delhi while campaigning for BJP Lok Sabha candidates Manoj Tiwari and Gautam Gambhir.

Coming down heavily on the Opposition for asking proofs of air strikes conducted by IAF in Balakot, Singh asked, “Should our forces have stopped there (Balakot) to count the dead bodies? Brave jawans do not count the dead bodies, eagles count bodies.”

“Had there been 1, 2, 3 or 4 casualties, then we could have given a figure, but how can we tell (the exact casualties) when this figure was so high?” he added.

“At this time, all political parties should stand with jawans and country by forgetting all bitter relations but unfortunately few are asking Maharashtra CM’s resignation after Gadchiroli Naxal attack,” Singh said.

The Union Minister further said, “Today, India has become the fastest growing economy under the leadership of Modi and our vision is that by 2030 we will become the third superpower replacing Russia, China or America.”

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