Mayawati: “Would RSS ever allow Modi to be the PM if he was backward by birth?”

On Friday, BSP supremo Mayawati questioned if RSS would have allowed becoming the PM if he had originated from a backward community and lashed out at him over his “laughable and immature” allegations of casteism against the SP-BJP alliance. She also said that the country is aware of the fact that Modi “is not OBC by birth”.

“When Modi is left with nothing against the SP-BSP alliance, he alleges us of being casteist, it is laughable and immature. How can those who suffered from casteism be casteist? He is not an OBC by birth, the whole country knows. He has not dealt with the caste discriminations. He should not say such things about our alliance,” Mayawati said.

BSP supremo accused Modi of “using casteism as a tool to fulfill his political aspirations”.

“Would RSS ever allow Narendra Modi to become PM if he belonged to backward class by birth? The country knows what RSS did to Kalyan Singh,” Mayawati questioned while adding that BJP’s loss is “definite” in the Lok Sabha elections.

“The kind of language they are using against opposition parties in rallies shows that their loss is definite. That’s why they are leveling baseless allegations. The whole country knows that BJP is not going to come to power again. Narendra Modi’s dream of becoming Prime Minister again will not be fulfilled,” she said.

While addressing a rally in Uttar Pradesh’ Azamgarh on Thursday, Prime Minister Modi, in a veiled attack on SP and BSP,

PM Modi while addressing a rally in Azamgarh launched an attack on the SP-BSP alliance and said, “The people who have indulged in vote-bank and casteist politics had put India under duress. These people had given an opportunity to Pakistan to get away with a lot of misdeeds with regards to our country. After 2014, the terrorist attacks stopped and how were the terrorists limited to some parts of Jammu and Kashmir.”

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