Only 356 cases of dengue as compared to last years’ 650 by this time

The AAP-led Delhi government applauded laurels to its ’10 Hafte 10 Baje 10 Minute’ campaign that had significantly reduced the cases of dengue from 650 to 356 by this time from last year.

The Anti-malaria wing of Delhi’s Municipal bodies released reports on the same and saw just 74 fresh cases of dengue, capping the count to 356 till the first week of October in 2018.

Kejriwal tweeted: “I am very happy to share that the ’10 Baje 10 Hafte 10 Minute’ campaign against dengue has shown stunning results. Congrats to the people of Delhi! The number of cases reported in Delhi so far is just 356, compared to 650 by this time last year. Most importantly, we have not yet lost a single life.

In 2015, Delhi had 7,606 cases of dengue till the first week of October, while in 2016 and 2017 the number was 2,133 and 2,152 respectively. The Delhi government’s fight against dengue started in 2015 when the city saw a massive outbreak leading to 15,867 cases and as many as 60 deaths. By 2018, the number of cases had reduced by 80 percent to just 2,798.

“One of the most important purposes of the campaign was to educate people about the origins of the dengue mosquito. Before I began the campaign on September 1, I had conducted a survey on my social media profiles about whether dengue breeds in clean water or dirty water and over 35 per cent people stated that dengue breeds in dirty water. We realised that the myths around dengue have to be clarified so that people are better prepared to fight dengue,” he said.

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