Shyam Jaju recommends central leadership permanent suspension of Champion

A request of permanent suspension of BJP MLA Kunwar Singh Champion has been tossed to the Central leadership of the party by the BJP’s Uttarakhand state in-charge Shyam Jaju after his recent video went viral in which he could be seen dancing, drinking and floating guns with his hand and mouth. He was further seen using foul language and his supporters could be seen appreciating him.

“There is already a three-month suspension on Khanpur MLA Pranav Champion and after seeing his video the BJP is taking action on it. The BJP’s state unit recommends the Central unit of the party to permanently suspend Pranav Champion. The party cannot compromise on any incident related with indiscipline,” Jaju said through a press release on July 10.

Jaju also pointed out BJP’s theory of existence and said, “BJP is a party that works on the principle of discipline. The party has its guidelines regarding the behavior of its leaders towards society. The party will not tolerate any irresponsible behavior of any of its leader.”

The BJP MLA Champion is already under suspension because of an earlier video for brandishing a gun.

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