Sidhu’s political career in a dangle, may dread into more trouble if withdraws from Cong

Navjot Singh Sidhu, who resigned as Cabinet minister after the confrontation from Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, is seen in the background. It is not easy for Sidhu to leave Congress in the present condition. If he separates his path from the Congress, then he has few options for further politics. For Sidhu, there is no other way other than the Congress. He left the BJP and joined the Congress. He himself closed the door of the Aam Aadmi Party. It is also being speculated that he can form a coalition with Aam Aadmi Party, along with Sukhpal Singh Khaira and Bains brothers.

According to political analysts, Sidhu had been speaking constantly against Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the Lok Sabha elections. In such a situation, the possibility of his return to the BJP is non-existent. Prior to joining Congress, the Aam Aadmi Party had refused to make Sidhu his face in Punjab. After this, after joining the Congress, Sidhu had called an attack on AAP and AAPs national coordinator and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Sidhu had continued to attack Kejriwal. In such a situation, the option of the opting Aam Aadmi Party is fragile for Sidhu. But there is no permanent friend or enemy in politics.

Political analysts say that in the entire scenario, Sidhu has to remain in Congress and wait for the change of equations. That is why Sidhu has only resigned from the post of minister, not from the post of the legislator. In this way, the eyes of the people are settled on the next step of Navjot Singh Sidhu.

Sidhu was investigated in the Zirakpur Municipal Council and Vigilance has unearthed the files. Vigilance has also discovered the files of the Amritsar Improvement Trust. Of course, both of these cases can cause problems for Sidhu. If Sidhu leaves the Congress in such a situation, his problems may increase.

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