Statue of Marilyn Monroe stolen in LA

The Los Angeles police is investigating after a statue of the late legendary actor Marilyn Monroe was stolen.

The theft took place on Tuesday early morning around 3 am in the area of Hollywood Boulevard and North La Brea Avenue, according to the police, reported The Hollywood Reporter.

The statue was swiped from the Four Ladies of Hollywood gazebo. The gazebo celebrates the iconic film actors representing different cultures who helped change the movie industry.

The bronze-colored statue features Monroe in her iconic windblown dress pose from 1955’s hit ‘The Seven Year Itch.’

It graced the top of the silver structure that is held up by other statues of famous actors including Mae West, Anna Mae Wong, Dolores Del Rio, and Dorothy Dandridge, reported Deadline.

The gazebo is a very famous tourist and photo attraction along the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Investigators including forensics expect are looking at fingerprints from the location in order to find a lead about the thief or group of thieves.

A witness to the crime incident said that she saw a man using a hacksaw to remove and then take the prestigious figure.

Currently, the police do not have any suspects and the investigation is underway.

Monroe passed away tragically in 1962 at the age of 36, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most iconic Hollywood actors of all times.

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