To unveil problems in ‘Bahubali’ at the last moment is a success for ISRO

It may be a matter of concern if ISRO’s GSLV MK3 may have been a problem before Mission Chandrayaan-2, but it is not right to say that it is a failure of ISRO or the mission. It is not that this kind of shortcoming has only happened in India’s mission. Earlier even some NASA missions had to be postponed due to loopholes. This vehicle of ISRO is also to be used in the Sun campaign in 2020, Gaganayan in 2022 and Venus campaign in 2023.

It is also worth mentioning here that, if the problems were not unveiled at the right time, then billions of rupees of India would have been devastated and the scientists could have taken a much longer time to initiate the next mission, but now it is not so. Connoisseurs also agree that finding the weakness at the last moment is also a big success. For this, ISRO scientists should be praised. However, the good thing is that the defect is being told very little. Officials say that Bahubali will be ready for launch soon.

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