Youth Congress Workers purify PWD office after Dalit MLA’s protest

In a bizarre incident, Youth Congress activists sprinkled cow dung water to allegedly purify a PWD office, where a CPI Dalit MLA Geetha Gopi had staged a protest recently.

Gopi, who is an MLA from Nattika constituency, had held a sit-in protest on Saturday in front of the PWD office against the poor condition of the roads in her area.

She stopped her demonstration after the officials had assured to intervene in the matter.

After Gopi left the office, the Youth Congress activists performed “purification” rituals by sprinkling cow dung water.

The MLA has filed a complaint with the police alleging that she faced caste-based discrimination and abuse from the Youth Congress members.

Reacting to the incident, Youth Congress president Dean Kuriakose said on Monday that strict action will be taken against those doing caste-based discrimination.

“Some Youth Congress members had conducted an agitation against local MLA Geetha Gopi. I have directed the state general secretary in-charge to the district to give notice to them and asking them to give a proper explanation over the controversy. Strict action will be taken if there is any discrimination against Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes,” he said.

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