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New Delhi(Adarsh Jha): Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu used this phrase to describe United Nations. A few days ago a reported was published from a body of UN on human rights violation in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The report was being retweeted and talked about by some so-called human rights activist in India.

So let us see what was in that 49-page report. The report accused India of human rights violations and is critical of AFSPA and PSA.
After reading the report one can firmly say that this report is nothing but Pakistani propaganda. It is extremely biased and as MEA said fallacious, tendentious and motivated.

The problem that I have from the report is that it does not consider Hizbul as a terrorist outfit. Secondly, they are mute on Pak sponsored terror which has stoked a proxy war since last 3 decades. The amazing thing is that the people who manufactured this fictitious report never visited Kashmir. Also, no UN body can visit Kashmir because of Shimla Agreement. Shimla Agreement was signed between Indira Gandhi and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1972 which states that Kashmir is a bilateral issue and there will not be a third party interference.

The history of treachery and human rights and violation began in 1947 when three brigades of Pakistani Army entered Kashmir disguised as tribal invaders and started murdering people. The infamous incident of Baramulla where mass rapes took place was also orchestrated by Pakistani Army. Talking about Pakistan how can one forget the number of atrocities that they have done on Pashtuns. Innocent Pashtu citizens paid the prize of operation Zarb-e-Azb post-Peshawar massacre. Gen Tikka Khan after butchering Bangladeshi started oppressing Baloch.
The assassination of Akbar Bugti was planned by Gen Musharraf himself. Even Sindh which has been the economic backbone of their country hasn’t been spared by these bunch of marauders. I can go one citing the atrocities of Pakistan’s army but one wonders why UN doesn’t care about these cases. Well, the answer that UN is a toothless organization. It throws such report here and there too claim the very existence of the organization. Such kind of report is of zero consequences.
Now we must talk about Indian Army, a highly professional organization that abides by the constitution of India and has moral integrity. I wish to cite an example, in case of a counter-terror operation when an armed terrorist has taken hostages in a building. Many other armies would choose to blow up the entire building whereas our army believes in minimizing collateral damage. Indian army engages with the terrorist keeping the safety of hostages as the top priority which has also led to many of our brave men sacrificing their lives. But our army knows and respects the value of human life.
In the Indian Army act of human rights violations are dealt very strictly. Our nation has an independent judiciary and our army is answerable to them. They cannot bypass the judiciary, unlike the Pakistan army. Pak Army Chief gives death sentences to the civilian like a dictator.
In the very beginning of the month of Ramzan, Indian Govt. declared a unilateral ceasefire to bring peace and tranquillity to the valley during the holy month. But Pak sponsored terrorist went on a rampage. They started targetting civilians and Indian army soldiers. Even journalist was not spared. In a recent incident editor-in-chief of Rising Kashmir, Shujaat Bukhari was killed by terrorists.
India gave democracy to people of Jammu and Kashmir while Pakistan massacred people in POK.
At last, I can only that this report might have been created after watching a substandard Al-Jazeera documentary.

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