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PM Modi accuses Congress of using the same posters from decades

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On Wednesday while addressing a rally in Jaipur PM Modi said that the Congress party has been using the same posters for several decades, only the photo of the leader changes.

“Once Congress comes up with any poster at the time of elections, it uses it for several decades. About 50-60 years back, the party came up with ‘Garibi Hatao’ (eradicate poverty) poster and is using it till date. In every election Congress comes up with the same poster by only changing the photo of ‘naamdaar’ printed on it,” said Prime Minister Modi.

He also said that the voice behind the advertisement changes but not the slogans.

“Sometimes the ‘garibi hatao’ slogan is in a female voice and sometimes it is in a male voice. They only change voice and reiterate ‘garibi hatao’,” said Modi.

“The ‘karz mafi’ (farm loan waiver) poster used by the Congress is also 10-15 years old. Congress before every election gets the same poster stuck in different states. This is what exactly they have done in Rajasthan also,” he added.

“The Congress has not only betrayed the farmers of this country but also soldiers. It has compromised the security of the nation for the sake of commission and corruption,” he said.

Modi took the opportunity to thank the world on standing with India on the JeM chief Masood Azhar being declared as a global terrorist.

“In our fight against terrorism, the world community is standing with India. I thank world community on the behalf of 130 crore Indians,” said Narendra Modi.

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