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Sri Lanka serial bomb blasts: Death toll rises to 359

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The bomb blast in Sri Lanka that ruined the Easter celebrations has till now resulted in 359 deaths, said the Deputy Defence Minister Ruwan Wijewardene on Wednesday.

“The death toll has risen to 359, out of which 39 are foreign nations. 17 bodies of foreign nations have been identified and released to their families. The investigation is still being conducted by forces and intelligence agencies,” said Wijewardene.

He further cleared suspected explosion near Savoy cinema in Colombo on Wednesday by saying it was a controlled blast by the Sri Lankan police force.

“It was not a bomb. The Special Task Force had detected a suspicious motorbike and went up to it. They tried to open the seat but it got stuck, so they decided to have a controlled blast,” said Wijewardene.

He further said, “We are still conducting those investigations to see whether there is a direct link to any international organizations.”

The international terrorist organization Islamic States of Iraq & Syria (ISIS) had claimed the responsibility of the blasts.

A state of emergency had been deployed in Sri Lanka as the effect of the recent serial bomb blasts. All schools have been shut down as the authorities continue their rescue and search operations.

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