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YO-YO test mandatory for team India

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New Delhi (Adarsh Jha): Luc Leger in 1982 created fitness test which had a multistage shuttle run for aerobic fitness. A modified version of that became what we today know as Yo-Yo Test.
In this test, an athlete has to shuttle run between 2 cones which are 20 metres apart in a given time. Suppose a person starts running from cone A then he has to reach cone B before the beep is blown and come back to cone A before the second beep. There are various speed levels in the test. The first level is 5 in which a player has to shuttle once. Next is level 9 which is similar to level 5 but with a slightly reduced time. In level 11, 12 and 13 the players have to shuttle 2, 3 and 4 times respectively.  From level 14 onwards each speed level has 8 shuttle runs. There is a break of 10 seconds between each shuttle run that is a 10 m walk. The highest speed level is 23 which has not been achieved by anyone yet. If a player fails to reach the cone before the beep then he is being given a warning. If a player fails thrice the test ends. Each team has set its minimum speed level for qualification. Indian team has set a base score of 16:1. New Zealand team has set the highest base score of 20:1.
This test is aimed to check the baseline fitness of players. To succeed in this one is required to have a high endurance level and good speed. It was introduced to team India when Anil Kumble was the coach.
This move was supported by captain Virat Kohli who has been resolute about fitness. Physiologists believe that this test will increase the overall fitness and reduce the chance of injuries. Suresh Raina was the first big name who failed this test and he was soon joined by Yuvraj Singh. In recent times Mohammad Shami, Ambati Rayudu and Sanju Samson have also failed the test.
Whereas Captain Virat Kohli is said to have scored 21 in the test. Earlier many senior players used to skip the fitness test but now the level of competitiveness has increased so fitness tests have become mandatory. Even BCCI in its meeting has decided to make Yo-Yo test as a prerequisite for selection in the Indian Cricket team.

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